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Meet Jennifer Wolff

A candidate for all the people


Jenn was born and raised in Waverly by a kindergarten teacher and a college professor. She graduated from Wartburg College and then received her masters from St. Catherine’s University. She worked at Taylor Physical Therapy Associations for almost 10 years and has been dedicated working on disability rights issues since 2010.


As an occupational therapist she coached individuals into better health. She helped build and facilitate support groups at the Waverly Health Center for folks who experienced a stroke, individuals living with Parkinson’s and their caregivers because the current healthcare system deals with symptoms but not with how to live with chronic, progressive conditions.


We all need different levels of support during our lifetime and Iowa has a care workforce shortage. From day care providers, to Home and Community Based workers. To mental health providers to healthcare professionals. We are even losing many of our teachers. Iowa can do better for its workers and its people.


Jenn is passionate about empowering all. She has worked with #UpgradeMedicaid to bring awareness of the lack of Home and Community Based Services and workforce shortage that is impacting Iowans with disabilities, aging Iowans and their families. Iowans should be able to live where they chose.

If I’m elected I want to represent the people of the Bremer, Butler, Floyd and Chickasaw counties not just the party line.

Jennifer Wolff
Candidate for Iowa Senate