listening matters

An Iowa for all

Compassion is an essential part of care

There are many issues in Iowa. From care to agriculture, from reproductive rights to the environment. From the economy to the carbon pipeline. I’m still learning about many of these issues from folks in the district in order to be educated on how Iowans feel about these issues. If I’m elected I want to represent the people of the Bremer, Butler, Floyd and Chickasaw counties not just the party line. 


Legislators should be listening to people on Medicaid and those who work in the health care profession when making decisions.


Legislators should be listening to students, parents and educators about what’s needed to bring Iowa back to excellence.


Legislators should be listening to farmers and scientists, working together rather than prioritizing the interests of private companies.

Quality of life

Legislators need to listen to the folks most impacted by our systems in order to have the best outcomes.

Deeper Listening

We might be a better society if we went a step further and thought, “What would I expect if that was me or someone I loved?”

In our society that values independence so much, it’s easy to forget how interdependent we are. Until we are faced with an economic downfall, a health condition or disability or other life changing event. When we witness these events from the outside, our brains often stop at, “I’m glad that’s not me” or “That would be awful”.

Right now, it feels like our government systems are simply looking at the short term costs and benefits when it comes to most things like Medicaid, education, the environment etc.

We need to look beyond economic benefits to quality of life and self sufficiency as well. We need to focus on listening to the folks most impacted by our systems in order to have the best outcomes.

Not enough deep listening is happening that would make our systems more efficient.